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FreeFormat Factory File Converter is a free, comprehensive multimedia file conversion software for personal or business use. Allows users to change the format or extension of a video, audio, image, or text file so that it can be run in another application or active multimedia (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}) Some files work well in your native language applications or Windows operating system, but will not get stuck or open with other applications or Mac OS. Not all applications or operating systems support or recognize all file extensions. Your files won’t be deleted, even if you don’t see them in your file explorer. When they appear, you’ll see an empty box or question mark where the file icon should be. You can get your files back if you change their format to one that your operating system recognizes, or if you can open it with a program installed on your computer. Free download of the format can also reduce large file sizes. Some formats reduce the quality of the content without sacrificing content. This is convenient for backing up digital information to fit more files on a USB key, CD-ROM, DVD or Blu Ray. Video file format for PC, web, and smartphone The MP4 file extension is great for downloading Internet videos or copying DVDs to your computer. To upload your videos for webcasting, you may want to consider converting MP4 to MPG using the free Format Factory application. You should convert your old phone’s 3GP videos to MP4 so that you can play them on your newer phone. To make sure that your PC videos can be played on your tablet, you can use a format converter to convert Flash FLV files, Windows WMV files, and Shockwave SWF files to the same size AVI files or formats for different purposes. frustrated because you lose all your beloved Quicktime song files when you replace your old Macbook with a new Windows computer? Do not worry. There’s no problem playing your favorite songs if you use Format Factory for Mac to convert WAV files to a universal MP3 format that plays on any device. If you need high-quality audio to prove your phone call, you might want to convert the AMR codec to an AAC Advanced Audio Coding file that runs in an audio editor and can cut the audio to the front and rear tracks. Image files for each project Suppose you want to convert a JPG camera image to a Truecolor TGA animation video for a professional animation project. You want to crop this image and paste it into a video file, but it must be in the same format to paste it into a video editor. You can convert this JPG image to Factory Format software. If you need a small ad size but the best image quality, try converting a scanned TIF image to PNG without copyright restrictions and a transparent background. Same if you want to reduce the size of the large BMP bitmap on your computer to a much smaller JPG that you can use on your website. The file factory converter takes care of the compression. What if you have a two-image GIF animation that you want to use as an icon instead of a button? This is of interest to the ICO format. You must use your own format converter. And if you want a watermark file with your company logo to appear in your background newsletter? Make this ICO image a WordArt watermark. Easily edit PDF conversions If you want to extract an image from a downloaded PDF or edit text in Word, FormatFactory order tool. The portable data format ensures that the content of the page is displayed exactly as you see it on a computer screen. It does not allow you to edit. PDFs are great for printing or publishing on the web, which prevents anyone from making changes. If you want to change or copy an element of the page to another file, convert it to a Microsoft Word DOC or DOCX file or a TXT text file, or save the snippet image in JPG format. Merge different files into one In addition to supporting all of the above video, audio, video, and text formats, Format Factory is also enabled with AVI-Mux. This means that the application can combine two or more videos into a longer movie, multiple audio tracks into a continuous audio, and different subtitle views into a single text file. This is saving backups. The software allows you to save all your files to a DVD, CD or USB key so you can take your multimedia anywhere. If you want to save hard disk space, Format Factory Portable allows you to download the application directly to a removable drive without having to install it in your most suitable file. The fixed, multifunctional format tool Factory comes with free downloads for Windows and can convert all popular multimedia file formats for video, audio, image and text. This is a great help in our current format in a diverse digital world. Whether you’re a computer professional or a fan of YouTube videos and great music, the format conversion tool can make your life more comfortable. Format Converter can save you hard disk space and money by eliminating the need to purchase more applications to run different file types. If you want to compare different conversion applications and decide which one you prefer, you can try Wondershare Converter, XMedia Recode and its portable version, or Freemake, as they all have a unique platform.

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