Albanian Women Protest In Street Against Sexual Violence

If you’re looking for more of a book that provides background on our women’s struggles but also hope for our future, I’m not sure if this is for you. We cannot speak for all Albanian women, as traditions, upbringing, boundaries, etc. vary from household to household. But as a whole, I do believe we are making progress and I just don’t believe that was apparent through this book.

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In Albania’s rural villages, the women who opted to live as men did so as a response to the gender roles that confined them. Rather than being a statement of sexuality or fluidity, the choice was a way to escape from—or cope with—the patriarchal system into which they were born. Today, the observance of this more than 500-year-old practice is dying out as previously sequestered sections of the Balkan country become better connected to the modernizing world.

Other exogenous and endogenous factors working together with HPV increase the risk of progression from cervical lesions to CC. In evaluating the cofactors and their role in the development of cervical lesions, there is also a relationship between HPV infection and coinfections with Gardnerella vaginalis, Candida, Chlamydia, and Trichomonas. There is a strong relationship between CIN1 and HPV positivity as well as between CIN1 and coinfections. HPV infection is a major factor contributing to metaplasia, and bacterial coinfections in HPV positive women have a statistically significant impact in the development of metaplasia.

albanian women

But in northern Albania, even reaching parts of Montenegro and Kosovo, a small number of burneshas—an estimated 30 or fewer—still exist. eep in the secluded villages of the Albanian Alps, women and girls have long had to make an extreme choice if they wanted to receive the same privileges as men. Activists organised the protest under the slogans “You are not alone”, “You have many sisters”, and “The government is the rapist”. News reports showed how, instead of finding comfort, the family of the victim had encountered hostile graffiti written on a wall by unknown persons, allegedly blaming the victim.

I did like the format that this book was written in, as a play, as it made it easier to follow along. However, I feel as though some statements seemed inauthentic and possibly even over exaggerated, especially when it came to the men involved. Although the author did provide a disclaimer on any offensive feelings one might have towards the book, I still feel as though this portrays our Albanian community and more specifically, our men, poorly. I was hoping this book would reveal the hardships that our women have faced and how we are currently evolving.

After shocking revelations of the alleged abuse of a teen this week, women took to the streets of the capital Tirana on Thursday to protest against sexual violence and the culture of blaming victims rather than perpetrators. Clipping Our Wings its an outstanding PlayWright This needs to hit the big screens.

By January 2017, women make up 23% of members of parliament, 35% of local counsellors, 9 in 61 mayors and 8 in 20 cabinet ministers. Remittances from Albanians overseas have helped keep down unemployment, which stands at over 18 per cent. An estimated 53.7 per cent of the population is urban, and on-going rapid urban migration has brought informal housing, infrastructure and social service challenges. In recent years the government has embarked on reforms to improve legal, policy and institutional gender equality mechanisms. The new National Strategy for Gender Equality and Action Plan provide a strong gender equality vision, though financial and human resources to ensure the proper implementation are currently insufficient.

Its so well written & it makes you feel your living their stories & really feel the pain of these young women, how hard they try to overcome & brake those barriers in the Albanian culture & customs. This book is outstanding, you read between the lines and you feel the pain, the repressed desires/dreams of an Albanian woman, you become one with the author. There are no colored words, simple flourishing language that makes it understandable for the reader.

albanian women

Prevalence of HPV positivity was 43.9% with an average age of 35.48 ± 9.27 years. Candida coinfection resulted in 57.8% of HPV positive women with a significant relationship between them. Gardnerella coinfection resulted in 36 (23%), mixed flora in 34 (8%), and Trichomonas vaginalis in 50% of HPV positive woman.

I love how she puts the words in italics and we get a better understanding of the character’s feelings, it works like a floating camera broadcasting their inner thoughts. She touches very delicate issues of the Albanian society, mostly “women”. She gives voice to women, which they are not acknowledged by the society. The book was interesting and I would love to see the stories come to life on stage in an actual play . If you are looking for a book to solely provide brief insight on struggles involving our women, this could be for you.

While I do appreciate the author bringing awareness to the struggles that Albanian women face, being one myself, my initial expectation was that this would have a much more positive connotation to it, rather than negative. This public perception survey produced comprehensive and reliable data to assess women’s current participation in Albania’s politics and decision-making that could be used to inform future measures. A significant majority of interviewees said that women were under-represented in politics and decisions-making because of a political environment dominated by aggressive men. Little has been done to address the gender pay gap and improve women’s access to entrepreneurship services and credit. Women’s average salary is almost 18 per cent lower than men’s in urban areas and doubly lower in rural areas.

Women are the majority of agriculture workers – but almost exclusively as unpaid family workers. Women’s labour market participation is increased to 51 per cent in 2014, but average salaries are 18 per cent lower those of men. Violence against women is common, with almost 60 per cent of Albanian women aged having experienced domestic violence. Women’s participation in political and economic decision-making remains limited, but has progressed recently with improvements in electoral codes and processes.

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Among the women with positive HPV, 19% had CIN, 8% had metaplasia, and 1% had metaplasia and CIN; 9% of the women with HPV had CIN1 and one of the coinfections. Cervical cytology is the best single method for large screening of the population in identifying precancerous lesions of the uterine cervix. In discussions with Peters, each burnesha made clear that sexual orientation and gender identity were not motives behind their decisions to take the vow.